2023 Universal dtb firmware download

Download Universal dtb firmware version 9.7  has improved graphics and smooth perfomance. Its also super compatible on new models release. From dtb v3 that supports one device, we present v9.7 which is universal and unscrambles unlimited number of digital tvs, FTA decoders, smart tvs and android tvs.

How to unscramble channels

  • Pay and Submit your email to instantly get the file.
  • Copy the file directly to usb (do not save file in any folder).
  • Insert USB drive in ‘USB ’ slot of the TV or decoder. (The file in universal)
  • Using remote control navigate to menu >Software update.
  • The tv/decoder will automatically detect the file as upgrade firmware and will ask if you want to upgrade the software using the file.>Click okay
  • Upgrade will start automatically.
  • During unscrambling decoder/TV screen might go black. It’s totally normal.
  • Unscrambling will take approximately 1 minute.
  • Do not switch off, unplug, remove USB drive until upgrade is complete.
  • Lastly, after reaching 100% the tv/decoder will auto restart saving channels.

You will realize all previously scrambled channels unlocked and no longer have lock icons.

CONGRATULATIONS, you have succesfully unscrambled your tv / decoder. Enjoy watching all international channel freely for device’ lifetime. No expiration, no Monthly payments, No software renewals.

how to unscramble channels


How to unscramble channels using dtb firmware v9.7

The responsibility for firmware update, belongs only to the buyer!
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How to download dtb firmware version 9.7

Download this and other files through this LINK.