BlogPress – An Android App for your WordPress

To Pay: €8

BlogPress - An Android App for your WordPress To Pay: €8

Beautiful WordPress software BlogPress was created using Android Studio and is compatible with the most recent version of Android, version 11. The WordPress Android app utilizes Native Libraries and was created in accordance with the most recent Material Design standards. Users of this app may receive Realtime updates from your website through WordPress REST APIs.

The easiest approach to turn your WordPress website into a gorgeous Android mobile app is using BlogPress. Even if you have no prior experience with coding or programming, you may still quickly construct your own WordPress Android app (New or Existing).


WordPress Android App Features

Layouts – Featuring modern layouts that are completely customizable in every color. Users can also choose multiple styles for your Posts and you can easily customize the Navigation Drawer as well, for example by setting a header image, menu items etc.

Dark Mode – Featuring Dark mode to change the color theme of BlogPress WordPress Android App from white to black. Users of WordPress App are allowed to enable/disable from the Settings page.

And more..