Dtb Firmware Version 3.0

To Pay: €5


The Dtb Firmware Version 3.0 is used to upgrade Free to Air decoders and digital TVs to latest versions and by so, it unlocks scrambled channels free for lifetime.


Dtb Firmware Version 3.0 To Pay: €5

Buy Dtb Firmware  V3.0 downloadable unscrambler fle for Tvs and decoders

Dtb Firmware Version 3.0 Features

Device Numbers: Supports one Device (once used, the file cant unlock a second device unlike higher versons)
Compatibilty : Compatible on tvs
Decoders : All Decoders supported
Channels : Converts SCRAMBLED, NO CI MODULE, LOCKED CHANNELS to free for viewing

Coverage : Supported worldwide (works in any country)
Duration : No expiry or file renewals.

What you get.

  1. Dtb Firmware V3.0 zip file
  2. Installation guide
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Free file updates