How To Project Laptop Content To Multiple Displays

August 15, 2022

This is entirely dependent on the settings of your laptop. You can connect two TVs if you have an HDMI and VGA connector on your computer and the TV has them as well.

If your laptop supports video via USB type-C, you should invest in a hub. Some hubs offer three HDMI outputs, allowing you to connect them to three TVs.

Controlling the displays separately:

When you say control the screen individually, I assume you mean control each TV as if it were a separate computer with its own keyboard and mouse. This is the most difficult aspect. I recall there being software that could accomplish this – it could divide a system into two separate systems. However, I can no longer locate the software. I tried searching and even going through my old software archives, but I had no luck. So you may install VMWare and operate Virtual Machines. Set up each Virtual Machine on a separate television. Put a tick in the VM settings to show all input devices. Each VM should have its own keyboard and mouse.

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