DTB Firmware Version 9.8

To Pay: €8


Dtb firmware version 9.8 zipped file.
Latest zipped bin file.
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DTB Firmware Version 9.8
DTB Firmware Version 9.8 To Pay: €8

DTB Firmware Version 9.8 Features

Device Numbers: Supports Unlimited Devices
Compatibilty : Used on Smart Tvs, Android Tvs and Digital Tvs
Decoders : Ability to unlock all Decoders
Channels : Clears all SCRAMBLED, NO CI MODULE, LOCKED CHANNELS, channels converting them to free
Coverage : Supported worldwide (works in any country)
Duration : Lifetime unlocking with No expiry or file renewals.

What you get.

  1. Dtb frmware version 9.8 zip file
  2. Installation guide
  3. 24/7 support
  4. Free file updates